Movement Pattern & Motor Control

The human body is designed to move and there are over 650 named skeletal muscles that help to facilitate movements of various body parts. Although most individuals have the same general set of muscles, there is some variability from one person to another. Have you ever wondered what causes those variabilities?

Mobility & Flexibility. Which One Do You Need & Why?

How many of you have actually come across the word mobility & flexibility, and feeling confused about the two? If that is you, don’t worry because I used to be puzzled by the two as well. Right now, if you try to ask Mr. Google about it, you can still get a variety of definitions from different sites, depending on who defines it.

Welcome to Movement With Skill !!

Have you ever thought of how the body actually works when we move? If I was asked about this question, I’d be listing down the human body systems that are involved, explaining the mechanisms required in order to execute a movement, etc… But honestly, does everyone need to know that before moving? NOPE!