Movement with skill’s main focus is to help everyone to move better, move more freely, and intuitively through movement re-education. We understand that not everyone needs to be fit and athletic, but we are sure that nobody wants nagging aches & pain or feeling limited in their bodily movement doing their favourite activities.

Respect individuality – Nobody is completely identical biologically, so is the way we move. Therefore, it is important that we train by what we can manage at that moment and progress from there, rather than just blindly follow what others can do.

Quality trumps quantity – A good habit is worth reinforcing, but if a habit is bad, reinforcement will not only makes it difficult to break but also difficult to be corrected. So when it comes to movement, it is not a matter of repetitions but how well you can do it.

Movement should be fun – Fun is pleasurable & stress-free. An overly serious & careful mindset will not only cause excessive protective mechanism from the brain but also set for a nonconducive environment for learning.